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What Causes Night Sweats?

Excessive bedtime sweating known as night sweats, produced while you are sleeping, is not normally due to an excess of heat into the room or on the bed that you are sleeping in. This sweating disorder is very much like hot flashes that you might experience during the day and can end up soaking your bedtime clothing or bed linens. Did you ever wonder what causes night sweats?

Researchers have been able to identify several conditions that can lead up to night sweats. The most common causes include:

  • Infectious illnesses (i.e.  influenza, tuberculosis, AIDS, malaria)
  • Autoimmune disorders (i.e.  rheumatoid arthritis)
  • Diet  (i.e. consuming hot spices, or eating  large meals just before going to sleep)
  • Neurological illnesses (i.e. multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, stroke)
  • Hormonal disturbances (i.e. hyperthyroidism , discomfort of menopause)
  • Metabolic conditions (i.e. diabetes, thyroid disorders )
  • Tumors (i.e. leukemia, lymphoma)
  • Psychic causes (i.e. fear disorders, sleep disturbances or bad dreams)
  • Alcohol, drug abuse, and programs that you might be undergoing for purposes of detoxifying from any substance abuse
  • Temperature factors that you fail to recognize as controllable such as a high thermostat setting

What Causes Night Sweats?

As you can see from the aforementioned list of what causes night sweats, some factors are within your control while others are not. With the help of trained professionals such as your doctor or fitness expert, you can put a plan into motion that should address the root causes of your night sweats.  Your physician can help you to balance your hormones.  A proper plan of fitness and nutrition, will also be needed for relieving night sweats. Other symptoms that could result from hormonal imbalance such as the loss of muscle mass, a decreased sexual drive, possible weight gain, fatigue and many others will also be addressed.  The low levels of testosterone that are found in andropause in men, might be the cause for sending signals to the body’s temperature center know as the hypothalamus. This in turn would result in andropause being added to the list of ” what cause night sweats”.  Finally, high levels of cortisol which the body produces during times of stress, can also contribute to night sweats

What Causes Night Sweats?

It would behoove you to consult your doctor if you suffer from night sweats.  As you can see from the above list, the reasons as to what causes night sweats, can range from very simple to very serious.  With professional help, it should not be too difficult for you to get your sweat demons under control! Do it today for a better tomorrow.

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